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Blog Posts in October, 2018

  • Overview of Casino Crimes

    The casinos, entertainment, and nightlife in Nevada attract millions of tourists and residents alike every year. Since the state gambling industry generates billions of dollars, casino crimes are prevalent. That is why Nevada law makes have passed harsh laws to severely punish those who cheat or defraud casinos. The following are the most common casino crimes in Reno and throughout Nevada: ...
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  • How to Avoid Holiday DUIs

    Every year, millions of people throughout the United States celebrate the holiday season by eating, drinking, and being joyful. However, these festive months are also associated with a high volume of drunk driving fatalities. Starting from Thanksgiving Eve (also known as “Black Wednesday”) and ended on New Year’s Day, police officers will be safeguarding the streets in large numbers and setting up ...
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  • Nevada Open Container Laws

    People often think of DUIs and bar fights as the kind of legal trouble drinking can cause. However, drinking alcohol isn’t the only way people can face alcohol-related charges. In fact, just having a bottle of beer in your possession can end in a criminal arrest due to open container laws. What Constitutes an Open Container? State statutes define an “open container” as any alcoholic container with ...
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