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Blog Posts in January, 2023

  • Common Defenses Against a Kidnapping Allegation

    Kidnapping is a terrifying charge. It evokes images of villains conspiring to take people and torture them for ransom money. Scenarios like that do, of course, exist, but legally, the word “kidnapping” can be applied to many situations. A divorcee could take their kids across state lines to a theme park, only to return and find that they’ve been accused of kidnapping their own children. The term, ...
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  • 4 Legitimate Defenses Against Domestic Violence Claims

    4 Legitimate Defenses Against Domestic Violence Claims No matter the charge, you always have the right to a criminal defense. In our system, you are convicted only if you’ve been found guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt.” There is normally some room for doubt in any case. Even when it’s clear that the defendant committed the act in question, there may have been extenuating circumstances. Just ...
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