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Blog Posts in October, 2020

  • Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

    Because misdemeanors are not as serious of an offense compared to felonies, many people do not consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer when facing such criminal charges. However, no matter what type of charge you face, a conviction will always result in serious consequences. The following are three reasons why you need to hire an attorney for a misdemeanor: You can still spend time behind bars – ...
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  • 4 Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays

    The holiday season is generally filled with joy and cheer. However, there is a spike in certain crimes during this time of year, which causes local law enforcement officials to increase their patrols throughout residential areas, as well as areas where festive gatherings take place, such as bars and restaurants. The following are the four most common holiday crimes: DUI – Since alcohol consumption ...
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