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Blog Posts in September, 2022

  • Helpful Defenses Against Embezzlement Allegations

    Theft takes many forms. It can be direct, such as in a robbery or purse-snatching, and it can also be more discreet. Whit-collar theft takes place in transactions. It too can be more direct, like stealing money directly from someone’s bank account. One form of white-collar crime, however, is more subtle. It is often harder to detect, and offenders can sometimes get away with the crime for years. ...
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  • How Can I Defend Against Burglary Allegations?

    Burglary is often associated with theft. People say they have been “burglarized” when someone breaks into their house and steals their belongings. If that happens, that is certainly an example of burglary, but the crime has a broader definition. By law, burglary is the act of illegally entering a location to commit a crime. The location could be a business, not just a home, and the crime could be ...
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