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Blog Posts in February, 2022

  • Manslaughter Vs. Homicide in Nevada

    Being accused of killing another person is extremely serious, if not the most serious crime someone can be charged with. A conviction for such a crime is life-altering and can result in significant prison sentences and fines. The state of Nevada has charges for both manslaughter and homicide. These charges differ and are applied to killings based on the severity and specific circumstances. What ...
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  • Can Drug Charges Result in a Felony in Nevada?

    Being arrested for possession of drugs can lead to uncertainty and worry because of how complicated the laws regarding drugs are. There are many factors that law enforcement will consider when deciding what to charge someone with, such as what type of drug they had, how much of it they possessed, and where it was found. Possessing controlled substances can lead to a felony charge. Felony ...
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