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Blog Posts in July, 2019

  • What Kind of Offense Is Pickpocketing?

    Generally defined, pickpocketing is a type of theft crime that occurs when a person uses dexterity to take another individuals property or money without them knowing. Movies usually depict someone committing the offense by bumping into an individual and slipping their wallet out of a pocket or sliding a watch off their wrist. Although the act seems like a petty offense, In Nevada, it is actually a ...
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  • What Does it Mean to Impeach a Witness?

    When a criminal case goes to trial, the prosecutor may bring forward witnesses to testify against the defendant. The statements the witness makes serve to strengthen the state’s evidence and satisfy the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the alleged offense. The prosecutor may call various witnesses to the stand; however, not all are credible or can provide an ...
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