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What Does Possession of Stolen Property Mean in Nevada?

Receiving property you know was stolen, regardless of whether or not you pay for it, is considered a crime by the state of Nevada. This means you can be convicted of a theft crime even if you did not actually steal anything yourself. Receiving stolen property is covered by Nevada law under code NRS 205.272, which states that “A person commits an offense involving stolen property if the person, for his or her own gain, or to prevent the owner from again possessing the owner’s property, buys, receives, possesses or withholds property."

If you are accused of possessing property that was stolen, it is strongly advised that you seek legal representation to defend yourself as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover have defended numerous clients against a multitude of theft crimes. Our experienced Reno criminal defense lawyer has helped clients in over 70 courts all across the state of Nevada, and may be able to help you fight back against your charges.

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Nevada’s Penalties for Stolen Property

This is just one common defense to accusations of possessing stolen property. Nevada law says that if you were not aware and had no reason to be aware that the property in question was stolen, then no crime was committed. Likewise you cannot possibly commit the crime if you never actually possess the property in question. If you never actually obtain control over whatever was stolen, your charges will likely be dropped.

  • Penalties for possessing stolen property valued at less than $650 in Nevada can include:
  • Victim restitution
  • A jail sentence of up to six months
  • Other possible sentences, such as community services

This level of stolen property possession is a misdemeanor in Nevada, however increased property values or any aggravating factors can result in the crime being upgraded to a felony. If the value of the property is over $3,500, you could be facing up to ten years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. Additionally, if you are in the country on a temporary visa, possession of stolen property could result in possible deportation if you are convicted.

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