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Blog Posts in August, 2022

  • What Are Nevada's Drug Possession Penalties?

    Last month , we discussed some effective defenses you can use against a drug possession charge. Now we want to explain why it’s important to have a good defense. Nevada takes drug crimes quite seriously. There are many different types of possession allegations, each having stiff penalties. In this article, we will take a broad look at Nevada’s charges and punishments for drug possession. Drug ...
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  • Shoplifting Penalties in Nevada

    In last month’s shoplifting article , we discussed effective defenses against the crime. Now, we want to explore what might happen if you don’t fight these charges in court. Nevada takes shoplifting charges seriously. At the low end, the crime is a misdemeanor. On the opposite extreme, it can be charged as a felony. Before, going forward, let’s discuss the differences between these two criminal ...
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