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Blog Posts in June, 2023

  • What Is Probable Cause?

    Legalese sounds odd to the untrained ear. Certain phrases make sense to legal professionals, but they feel weird in casual speaking and writing. It’s easy to hear words that are used frequently and still have a hard time understanding exactly what they mean. You've probably heard the term "probable cause" used in the news or legal shows, but it may be hard to pin down exactly what this phrase ...
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  • Preparing For Your First Criminal Court Appearance

    Going to court for the first time can be a frightening prospect, especially when it is for criminal allegations. Many people have no familiarity with this situation, making it all the more intimidating. If you are facing criminal charges proper planning can help you stay calm throughout the process, and it could increase your chances of success. To help you gain clarity about what lies ahead, ...
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