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Reno Drug Possession Attorney

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An arrest or conviction for possession or distribution of drugs brings more than potential prison time. Future jobs, housing, loan applications, and other processes can be hindered by a mark on your record. The Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover provides you with access to a criminal defense attorney who is a former prosecutor in the state of Nevada.

This gives your case an edge, as we are familiar with common tactics the prosecution uses in all drug crimes cases. This edge may help protect your record. Our Reno drug possession lawyer has the experience you need to face your charges.

Our Reno Drug Possession Lawyer Stands Up to the Prosecution

Charges of possession or distribution can mean anywhere from two years to life in prison if you're convicted. Don't risk it. Instead, call our criminal defense firm. We offer free initial consultations for all drug crimes cases.

With more than 25 years of experience on both sides of the Nevada criminal justice system, you can trust that we have the tactics you need to get the best possible results. As a Reno criminal defense firm, we have taken many cases to trial and verdict. We work to mitigate criminal liability and damage to your future.

Avoid Stiff Penalties for Drug Possession & Distribution

The state of Nevada has enacted very severe punishments for drug possession. Amount of the drug in possession is taken into consideration, as well as the type of drug.

  • Consequences are evaluated on a case-by-case basis:
  • If you are caught with more than one ounce of any schedule I controlled substance, with the exception of marijuana, you face ten years to life in prison.
  • Mandatory prison sentence is applied for possession of four grams or more of any schedule I controlled substance, other than marijuana.
  • No probation available for possession of four grams or more, mandatory prison sentence.

If you are charged with marijuana possession, the immediate penalties are less severe, but the arrest and conviction are still on your record and will impact your life.

Were Your Rights Violated?

If law enforcement violates the constitution, you may not be liable for violating the law. Sometimes, police mishandles an arrest, violating your constitutional rights. As your criminal defense attorney, we thoroughly review the prosecution's evidence against you and work with you to create a defense strategy that meets your goals. Whether you choose to accept a plea bargain or go to trial, we can fight for your best interests.

Your Future Is at Stake

Don't let a mistake ruin your life. Call the Reno drug possession attorney at Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover at (775) 502-1575 today. Free consultations are available for all cases involving drug possession and distribution charges.