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Blog Posts in 2021

  • Additional Penalties for Certain Nevada Drug Crimes

    Nevada drug crimes carry serious penalties, including years of imprisonment and/or thousands of dollars in fines. And in some cases, the judge has the authority to impose even harsher penalties when certain conditions apply. Nevada law provides for various circumstances in which additional terms of imprisonment may be imposed. These enhanced penalties statutes do not create separate offenses. ...
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  • What You Should Know About Nevada's Criminal Justice Process

    If you or a loved one were arrested in Nevada, this might be your first brush with the law, and you might not know what to expect through the criminal justice process. Facing these unknowns can make an already frightening experience even scarier. At the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover, we are here to make bad situations better for the people we serve. As such, our team has put together a brief ...
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  • DUI with a Child Passenger in Nevada

    If you have been arrested for a DUI , having a child under 15 years old as a passenger in the vehicle at the time of your arrest is considered an aggravating factor . Although a first-time DUI conviction generally leads to a suspended sentence, a DUI with a minor passenger will often result in a jail sentence. In addition, you can also be charged with child endangerment, which is a separate ...
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  • Cannabis Consumption Lounges in NV May Open in 2022

    After Gov. Steve Sisolak signed Assembly Bill 341 into law in June 2021, cannabis consumption lounges are set to open in Nevada by mid-2022 because of a recent increase in funding from the state’s Interim Finance Committee (IFC). AB 341 created the licensing process and regulations for an unlimited number of lounges. According to The Nevada Independent, the IFC unanimously approved funding of ...
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  • Probation Violation in Nevada

    If you are convicted of a crime in Nevada, a judge may impose probation, in lieu of—or along with—a jail or prison sentence. The main purpose of probation is to rehabilitate an offender, rather than punish him/her. Common terms of probation may include: Community service Random drug testing Routine meetings with a probation officer Regular court hearings Educational courses Counseling Electronic ...
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  • Can a Felony Be Reduced to a Misdemeanor in NV?

    If you have been accused of committing a felony in Nevada, you may be able to get the charge reduced to a gross misdemeanor. Although a criminal defense attorney’s initial goal in a felony case is to have the charge dismissed, the next best situation is to reduce a felony to a misdemeanor through a plea deal, especially if the district attorney refuses to throw out the case altogether. Felony ...
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  • Nevada Disorderly Conduct Laws

    Disorderly conduct is one of the most common offenses in Reno and throughout Nevada since the state is littered with casinos, bars, clubs, pool parties, and other nightlife activities. Although you are allowed to walk on the streets with a drink in your hand and public intoxication alone is not a crime, being drunk in public can result in a disorderly conduct charge. Disorderly conduct is a ...
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  • New Nevada Laws That Took Effect in July 2021

    More than 200 bills that were passed by the Nevada Legislature during the 2021 session are now effective as of July 1, 2021. These new laws address a wide range of issues, including criminal law . The following are several new criminal-related laws in Nevada: AB 400 – This new law removes certain “per se” limits for cannabis metabolites (i.e., amount of THC in the body) that if found in a person’s ...
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  • Nevada Resisting Arrest Laws

    Dealing with law enforcement officials can be a nerve-wracking experience, which is why it is not uncommon for someone to resist arrest or attempt to evade a police officer. Unfortunately, doing so can result in separate criminal penalties on top of the original criminal charges. In Nevada, resisting a public officer means attempting to stop the police from executing their legal duties, which ...
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  • Marijuana Law Updates in NV

    Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak recently signed Assembly Bill 158, Assembly Bill 341, and Assembly Bill 400 into law. AB 158 reduces the marijuana possession penalties for minors, AB 341 legalizes cannabis consumption lounges, and AB 400 amends the state’s “per se” driving limits for cannabis,. Assembly Bill 158 A first offense for minor in simple possession of marijuana—a maximum of one (1) ounce—and ...
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  • Washoe County's Adult Drug Court

    Unfortunately, many people suffering from substance abuse or addiction are charged with various drug crimes in Nevada. However, criminal courts throughout the state understand these individuals would greatly benefit from rehabilitation services to help them overcome their dependency on drugs. In 1995, the Second Judicial District Court established the Adult Drug Court—which was the first Special ...
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  • Aggravated Assault & Battery in NV

    In Nevada, assault and battery are violent crimes that are punishable by harsh criminal penalties. However, these charges can be enhanced if certain aggravating factors are evident. Aggravated Assault According to NRS 200.471, simple assault is defined as intentionally attempting to use force against someone else or placing that individual in reasonable fear of imminent injury. This type of ...
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  • What is Deferral of Judgment in Nevada?

    According to NRS 176.211, Nevada law states that defendants who plead guilty or no contest to certain crimes can get their case dismissed and their record sealed through “deferral of judgment.” This means a judge defers judgment – or elects not to convict – and you (the defendant) must complete various court-ordered conditions within a specific time period. The following are the common terms of ...
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  • Cocaine Possession in Nevada

    Cocaine is a popular recreational drug in Nevada, especially in Las Vegas and Reno where casinos, bars, and clubs are open throughout the night until the early morning hours. Coke or blow is often snorted and the short and temporary effects include intense bliss, decrease in appetite, extreme sensibility to sight, sound, and touch, as well as irritability. However, the drug is illegal in the ...
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  • Misdemeanors & Felonies in Nevada

    There are two main forms of crimes in Nevada: misdemeanors and felonies. Although felony crimes are more serious and result in harsher criminal penalties in comparison with misdemeanor offenses, getting convicted of either can lead to a permanent mark on your criminal record, which can make obtaining employment, applying for a college or university, seeking a loan, or living a normal life very ...
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