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Blog Posts in April, 2023

  • The Legal Separation Between Domestic Battery and Domestic Abuse

    If you’ve been accused of domestic abuse or battery, you must understand the difference between these two allegations. Both share many similarities, but there are important legal distinctions between the two. Such distinctions are important in the law. In this case, they could mean the difference between freedom and jail time. Here is a broad overview of domestic abuse and domestic battery, along ...
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  • Explaining Nevada's Auto Theft Laws

    Nevada defines auto theft as the intentional taking of another’s vehicle without their permission. Anyone who knowingly purchases or possesses a stolen vehicle can also be charged with this crime. Even if the intention was to only borrow the car for a short amount of time, the state can charge you with an auto theft crime. Nevada's law defines auto theft as a crime against the vehicle’s owner, not ...
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