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Blog Posts in December, 2018

  • Social Media & Your Criminal Case

    How Your Posts Can Haunt You Despite what we all hope, privacy settings are not always private. Many of the social media sites, including Facebook and Instagram, cooperate with law enforcement when it comes to a criminal case. Additionally, even if you “delete” a post, it remains in the ether of the internet, waiting to be retrieved when the time is right. Once you share a post or photo, it is ...
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  • Domestic Violence & Your Firearm Rights

    Domestic Violence Charges Can Affect Your Gun Rights Domestic violence charges not only tarnish your reputation and result in possible jail time, they also can permanently revoke your rights to own firearms . A large number or violent charges that result in a guilty plea or conviction can mean permanent loss of gun rights. In addition, your concealed carry permit can be revoked with just a ...
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