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Overview of Casino Crimes

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Overview of Casino Crimes


The casinos, entertainment, and nightlife in Nevada attract millions of tourists and residents alike every year. Since the state gambling industry generates billions of dollars, casino crimes are prevalent. That is why Nevada law makes have passed harsh laws to severely punish those who cheat or defraud casinos.

The following are the most common casino crimes in Reno and throughout Nevada:

  1. Cheating - According to state law, cheating at gambling means manipulating the game in a manner which changes the odds of winning in a player’s favor.
  2. Fraud - There are many different forms of gambling fraud, such as making the odds favorable, using inside information, claiming winnings on a bet not wagered, encouraging another person to cheat, bribing someone to change the outcome of a sporting event, and manipulating a gaming device.
  3. Using counterfeit chips - It is against the law to possess, use, or manufacture counterfeit chips, tokens, credits, or any other items of value.
  4. Using a cheating device - A cheating device is anything that gives someone an upper hand in any casino game, from predicting the outcome to counting cards.
  5. Casino maker default - Considered as lines of credit when gambling at casinos, failure to pay a casino marker with a value of $250 or more is a Class D felony. On the other hand, if the value is less than $250, the crime is a misdemeanor.
  6. Attempt or conspiracy to cheat - Any attempt to commit any of the crimes mentioned above or conspiring to commit a casino crime is considered a felony offense, punishable by the same penalties if the crime was actually committed.

Aside from failure to pay a casino marker, each offense on the list is a Class B felony, punishable by a maximum prison sentence of six years and a fine of up to $10,000. However, it is possible the defendant could avoid serving time behind bars in exchange for probation. But a second offense results in a mandatory minimum of one year in prison.

If you have been charged with a casino crime in Reno, our experienced legal team at the Law Office of Kenneth A. Stover is ready to fight for your freedom and future. We can evaluate your case, inform you of all the available legal options, then build a strong case to either get your entire case thrown out of court or reduce the potential penalties you face.

For more information about our skilled legal services, contact us and discuss your case with our Reno criminal defense attorney today.

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