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Recent Posts in Theft Crimes Category

  • Shoplifting Penalties in Nevada

    In last month’s shoplifting article , we discussed effective defenses against the crime. Now, we want to explore what might happen if you don’t fight these charges in court. Nevada takes shoplifting charges seriously. At the low end, the crime is a misdemeanor. On the opposite extreme, it can be charged as a felony. Before, going forward, let’s discuss the differences between these two criminal ...
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  • Are There Any Strong Defenses Against Shoplifting?

    When you’ve been accused of shoplifting, the outlook can appear bleak. The authorities say they’ve caught you red-handed, so there’s no use in arguing against the charge. Don’t believe them. This is a trick. It’s an attempt to move the case along quickly. They want to secure a guilty verdict and move on. You can fight any charge in court. This is your right. The prosecution has a responsibility to ...
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  • Can Theft Result in Felony Charges in Nevada?

    Theft is one of the most frequently committed crimes and has a wide range of consequences for someone who is convicted. Considering that almost anything can be stolen, there are various classifications for theft crimes in the legal system. The charges a person will receive depend entirely on the nature of the specific theft they are being accused of. Someone can receive felony charges in certain ...
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