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Blog Posts in September, 2020

  • Nevada DUI Court

    Getting arrested for a DUI in Nevada is a stressful and traumatic experience. Unfortunately, a conviction carries serious consequences, such as driver’s license suspension, fines, and even a jail sentence. However, you may avoid jail time by participating in “DUI Court,” which is an alternative sentencing program that allows eligible drunk or drugged drivers to enter intensive rehabilitation ...
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  • What is Pre-Prosecution Diversion?

    A misdemeanor conviction in Nevada is punishable by harsh criminal penalties, including fines and even a jail sentence. If seeking a not-guilty verdict appears to be unattainable, it is still possible to avoid conviction by entering “pre-prosecution diversion.” Pre-prosecution diversion enables eligible defendants to complete several conditions (e.g., rehabilitation, educational courses, etc.) in ...
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  • A Fatal DUI Will Not Result in a Murder Charge in NV

    On September 15, 2020, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that drunk drivers who cause fatal accidents will no longer be charged with second-degree murder. The most serious charge a DUI motorist can face is felony DUI causing death. DUI causing injury or death in Nevada is a category B felony, which carries a prison sentence between two and 20 years, a fine of up to $5,000, and driver’s license ...
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