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If you have been arrested for a crime or know someone who has been charged with a criminal offense, you may feel incredibly overwhelmed by the upcoming legal process. Many people come to our firm after facing first-time charges. They are completely uncertain about their rights, their potential penalties or unaware of what to expect when facing the criminal justice system.

Our Reno criminal defense lawyer is prepared and qualified to help protect your rights and freedoms no matter what your case involves. We fully understand that any arrest or charge can have life-changing results. As a 25- year veteran of the justice system, our firm’s founding attorney, Kenneth Stover, knows how to navigate your legal process successfully. Our Reno criminal law attorney can help secure the best possible outcome so you can walk out of a courtroom with the results you need – and, if possible, a spotless slate.

“Let us make your bad situation better.” – Kenneth A. Stover.

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Don’t let a criminal charge change the course of your future. Work with a Reno defense attorney that truly believes in helping you move forward with your life. Call us at (775) 502-1575 and request a free consultation.

  • Very courteous

    I spent 40+ years never having to need a lawyer and then I did something stupid and got arrested. I looked in the phone book and I called several lawyers including Mr. Stover. Mr. Stover was very courteous at our first meeting and he let me know that he deals with the "ugly" first and works from there. In my case he said the only ugly was getting arrested. At trial he was much better than the prosecutor and at the end of the trial, the judge found me not guilty. I know if I went with another attorney the result may have been different. I ...

  • Very real and honorable!

    Ken Stover is an awesome lawyer. My encounter with him was amazing. He is very real and honorable. He believed in my case and fought hard to prove my innocence, and succeeded .He was sharp and quick in trial. On top of his game and very very smart. He knows what he is doing and it shows when he is in action.I would recommend him to anyone who needs a lawyer involving domestic violence.

  • Ken is a rare find in the legal world.

    Ken is a rare find in the legal world. His ability to navigate our justice system, both in procedure and in politics, is unparalleled. Also unrivaled is his ability to create true resolution amidst even the most dire circumstances. With Ken as your attorney you will not only get the best representation and swift resolution of your case, you will also gain a trusted confidant and mentor. Your faith in attorneys will likely be renewed through even the briefest of contacts with him. I am eternally grateful for having Ken as my attorney and highly ...

  • Ken is responsive and very knowledgeable.

    Ken is responsive and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him highly to anyone who has a legal reason. Not only is he responsive he has a super personality.

  • Ken was very thorough and responsive leading us through a difficult time.

    Ken was very thorough and responsive leading us through a difficult time. This was a new experience for us and greatly appreciated the thought and investigation Ken did into our case. We would recommend him highly and have recommended him to people.

  • He ended up getting my charges dismissed.

    I had a frivolous charge, misdemeanor. Ken explained my rights very clearly, set my mind at ease. He explained the worse case scenario, what he knew he could get me and that he would try for dismissal of charges. He never promised the miracles and I appreciated his straight up approach. He is well known in the system (for good reasons) and a great lawyer, he has been doing this a long time and you can tell. I was able to put my trust in him and relax. He ended up getting my charges dismissed. I'm very grateful cause this charge could have ...

  • If you want a lawyer who is actually on your side, you better call Ken!

    Ken was the second lawyer I had consulted regarding a drivers license issue. The first "lawyer" told me he could resolve my issue for a $7500 flat fee. Ken's consultation allowed me to resolve my issue with a money order of $135. I am very grateful that I called him and that he gave me great advice and did not attempt to take me for a wild ride. If you want a lawyer who is actually on your side, you better call Ken!

  • Great Job!

    I was arrested and charged with domestic abuse. Ken Stover was able get the charges dropped before the trial date. I couldn't be happier with the representation I received.

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