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  • What Are Nevada's Drug Possession Penalties?

    Last month , we discussed some effective defenses you can use against a drug possession charge. Now we want to explain why it’s important to have a good defense. Nevada takes drug crimes quite seriously. There are many different types of possession allegations, each having stiff penalties. In this article, we will take a broad look at Nevada’s charges and punishments for drug possession. Drug ...
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  • Shoplifting Penalties in Nevada

    In last month’s shoplifting article , we discussed effective defenses against the crime. Now, we want to explore what might happen if you don’t fight these charges in court. Nevada takes shoplifting charges seriously. At the low end, the crime is a misdemeanor. On the opposite extreme, it can be charged as a felony. Before, going forward, let’s discuss the differences between these two criminal ...
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  • 4 Defenses You Can Use Against a Drug Possession Charge

    If you’ve been accused of drug possession, don’t panic. It’s easy to assume that there is no escape from this accusation. The authorities would have you believe that they found you with an illicit substance, and there’s no way you can win your case. This simply isn’t true. Drug possession isn’t a cut-and-dry accusation. It’s often based on assumption. Remember, guilty verdicts are based on a lack ...
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  • Are There Any Strong Defenses Against Shoplifting?

    When you’ve been accused of shoplifting, the outlook can appear bleak. The authorities say they’ve caught you red-handed, so there’s no use in arguing against the charge. Don’t believe them. This is a trick. It’s an attempt to move the case along quickly. They want to secure a guilty verdict and move on. You can fight any charge in court. This is your right. The prosecution has a responsibility to ...
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  • Could Drinking Kava Tea Lead to a DUID Charge?

    The use of kava tea is becoming increasingly popular across the nation. In Reno, it’s easy to find a kava spot to sit and relax. Kava is a sedative tea, and it is often served in a bar setting. People sometimes refer to these spots as “sober bars,” but that label isn’t quite accurate. Kava has a numbing effect on both the mind and the body. Thus far, the law has mostly stayed away from regulating ...
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  • Assault vs. Battery: What's the Difference?

    The words “assault” and “battery” are often used in the same breath to describe the same charge. People even tend to interchange the words, unconcerned about whether doing so causes any confusion. In many ways, it’s okay to swap the terms. At the crimes’ most basic levels, they are usually charged and penalized identically. There is, however, a legal difference between assault and battery. In this ...
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  • What Is Voluntary Manslaughter?

    In our last blog , we discussed involuntary manslaughter, defining the term and offering defenses against the crime. We also discussed how easy it is to get confused by the very idea of manslaughter. The crime is much more than simply killing someone by accident. It involves willful, negligent behavior that results in someone’s death The legal words that differentiate the different types of ...
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  • What Is Involuntary Manslaughter?

    Many people misunderstand the crime of manslaughter. It’s often confused with “killing someone by accident.” Imagine a factory worker who accidentally loses their grip on a machine part, that part flies across the factory, hitting and killing a coworker. The terms used for the crime can also be misleading. When you hear the phrase “involuntary manslaughter,” you may picture a scenario like the one ...
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  • How to Act When Pulled Over for a DUI

    Being pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence can be an anxiety-inducing experience. Remaining calm and following the steps outlined in this article can help. Thinking Ahead & Acting Accordingly When someone is pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence, their behavior during the traffic spot can influence the outcome of the investigation. Following these steps can ...
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  • Can My Criminal Record Be Expunged in Nevada?

    A criminal record can follow someone throughout their life, making it more difficult to obtain employment, housing, and government benefits. In some states, people can have their criminal record expunged, meaning the record will be erased and will no longer be accessible to the general public. Expungement can be life-changing for people with certain convictions. However, not all states offer ...
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  • Manslaughter Vs. Homicide in Nevada

    Being accused of killing another person is extremely serious, if not the most serious crime someone can be charged with. A conviction for such a crime is life-altering and can result in significant prison sentences and fines. The state of Nevada has charges for both manslaughter and homicide. These charges differ and are applied to killings based on the severity and specific circumstances. What ...
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  • Can Drug Charges Result in a Felony in Nevada?

    Being arrested for possession of drugs can lead to uncertainty and worry because of how complicated the laws regarding drugs are. There are many factors that law enforcement will consider when deciding what to charge someone with, such as what type of drug they had, how much of it they possessed, and where it was found. Possessing controlled substances can lead to a felony charge. Felony ...
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  • Self-Defense Versus Assault

    The legal system is complicated and varied when it comes to acts of violence against another person, and reasonably so. Crimes of this nature are categorized in different ways, such as assault and battery, and the consequences are relative to the nature of the crime. However, there are situations in which people must behave in a violent nature against another person for their own protection. How ...
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  • Can Theft Result in Felony Charges in Nevada?

    Theft is one of the most frequently committed crimes and has a wide range of consequences for someone who is convicted. Considering that almost anything can be stolen, there are various classifications for theft crimes in the legal system. The charges a person will receive depend entirely on the nature of the specific theft they are being accused of. Someone can receive felony charges in certain ...
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  • Getting a Revoked License Back After a DUI in Nevada

    In the United States, driving is a privilege, and each state has the ability to revoke that privilege if they feel a driver has acted irresponsibly. Licenses are issued based on certain requirements and with certain rules in place. Failing to meet those requirements or breaking the rules can lead to losing a license. Penalties are especially strict for drivers who lose their privileges due to a ...
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