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Reno Theft Crime Lawyer

Defense Against Allegations of Theft in Nevada

Theft can come in many shapes and forms, from simply taking a candy bar from a store to the systematic theft of many investors or customers in a white collar crime. For the accused, a theft conviction will usually result in a permanent criminal record as well as fines, and jail time in addition to restitution for victims.

The Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover has the criminal law experience and resources to assist you with your theft allegations. Attorney Stover previously served as a former deputy district attorney and special prosecutor for the cities of Reno and Sparks and has been named for multiple industry honors, including a rating from Martindale-Hubbell® and inclusion in several national “top lawyers” lists.

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Theft as Detailed in NRS 205

The laws regarding theft are highly detailed and encompass every kind of theft, from the smallest of infractions to the most grievous offenses. Whatever your charges, you should make sure you secure the legal representation you need to help you fight back against these accusations.

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The penalties for these crimes will all vary, usually based on things such as the value of the property stolen, any previous criminal history, the presence of any aggravating factors, and whether any violence or violent threats occurred during the incident. If you are facing charges for a theft crime in Reno, then time is of the essence. Retain the skilled Reno theft crime defense lawyer you need to face your charges with confidence.

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