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Blog Posts in June, 2022

  • 4 Defenses You Can Use Against a Drug Possession Charge

    If you’ve been accused of drug possession, don’t panic. It’s easy to assume that there is no escape from this accusation. The authorities would have you believe that they found you with an illicit substance, and there’s no way you can win your case. This simply isn’t true. Drug possession isn’t a cut-and-dry accusation. It’s often based on assumption. Remember, guilty verdicts are based on a lack ...
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  • Are There Any Strong Defenses Against Shoplifting?

    When you’ve been accused of shoplifting, the outlook can appear bleak. The authorities say they’ve caught you red-handed, so there’s no use in arguing against the charge. Don’t believe them. This is a trick. It’s an attempt to move the case along quickly. They want to secure a guilty verdict and move on. You can fight any charge in court. This is your right. The prosecution has a responsibility to ...
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