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Blog Posts in February, 2018

  • Why is Involuntary Manslaughter a Crime?

    The legal term for the killing of another person is “ homicide ;” However, not every homicide leads to the same criminal charges against the defendant. Manslaughter is a legal term which refers to the killing of another individual without malice, forethought, reckless abandon for life, or implied intent. In many situations, this type of killing is accidental, though it is caused by the defendant’s ...
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  • About Nevada's Zero Tolerance Law

    In order to reduce the number of underage motorists involved in alcohol-related crashes in Nevada, the state has passed “zero tolerance” laws that make it illegal for an underage driver to operate a vehicle after consuming even small amounts of alcohol. This zero tolerance law derives from a federal Zero Tolerance Bill, which was enacted to discourage intoxicated driving among minors. In Nevada, ...
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