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Blog Posts in June, 2021

  • Nevada Resisting Arrest Laws

    Dealing with law enforcement officials can be a nerve-wracking experience, which is why it is not uncommon for someone to resist arrest or attempt to evade a police officer. Unfortunately, doing so can result in separate criminal penalties on top of the original criminal charges. In Nevada, resisting a public officer means attempting to stop the police from executing their legal duties, which ...
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  • Marijuana Law Updates in NV

    Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak recently signed Assembly Bill 158, Assembly Bill 341, and Assembly Bill 400 into law. AB 158 reduces the marijuana possession penalties for minors, AB 341 legalizes cannabis consumption lounges, and AB 400 amends the state’s “per se” driving limits for cannabis,. Assembly Bill 158 A first offense for minor in simple possession of marijuana—a maximum of one (1) ounce—and ...
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