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4 Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays

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4 Common Crimes Committed During the Holidays


The holiday season is generally filled with joy and cheer. However, there is a spike in certain crimes during this time of year, which causes local law enforcement officials to increase their patrols throughout residential areas, as well as areas where festive gatherings take place, such as bars and restaurants.

The following are the four most common holiday crimes:

  1. DUI – Since alcohol consumption is often part of the celebrations, the holiday season is always associated with an increase in drunk driving accidents. Not only are there more police officers patrolling the streets, but there are also sobriety checkpoints set up during the weekends to arrest suspected drunk drivers and keep roads safe. Check out our blog post titled, “How to Avoid Holiday DUIs,” so you don’t spend your holidays behind bars.

  1. Domestic violence – When you combine the holiday stress and unresolved family issues, spending more time with loved ones can lead to a domestic violence dispute. Unfortunately, when police respond to a domestic violence incident, the result will most likely be an arrest – even if all parties regret their actions.

  1. Theft – Because people tend to flood the malls and stores for their holiday shopping, the increased numbers of customers may distract and overwhelm retail workers and security guards, resulting in shoplifting. Additionally, there has been an increase in mail theft because of “porch pirates,” who wait until packages are delivered to steal them from doorsteps and mailboxes.

  1. Burglary – The holidays often mean long vacations to visit family in another town or state. Since homes are left unattended for weeks or months during this time of year, burglary is a common issue in residential neighborhoods. However, not only are many modern homes equipped with security systems and doorbell cameras, but homeowners also have added security through the watchful eyes of their neighbors.

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