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Preparing For Your First Criminal Court Appearance

Whether we like to admit it or not, appearances matter. You can never make a first impression twice, especially in front of a judge or jury who will determine if you are guilty or innocent. No one enjoys or is fully comfortable with attending their first criminal court appearance, as it can be incredibly nerve-wracking and stressful not knowing what to expect. Preparation is key in alleviating your nerves and maximizing your chances for the most positive possible outcome.

Here are a few tips and reminders for your first criminal court appearance:

  • Dressing professionally is expected. Now is not the time to showcase your personality and covering any visible body modifications will go a long way. No chewing gum, inappropriate clothing, or hats.
  • Nervousness is expected, and you may get dry mouth, tongue-tied, or flustered. Take a deep and compose yourself to combat your nerves.
  • Be polite to everyone, including the clerk, bailiff, court reporter, DA, judge, and court commissioner.
  • When entering your plea, speak clearly and loudly, and always respond with “Yes, your honor” or “No, your honor.”
  • Do not disrupt or interrupt the judge, either during your case or while waiting. Speak only when spoken to.
  • Be on time. Nothing will irritate a judge like having to wait for you.
  • Don’t make excuses--the judge has heard them before.
  • Don’t express any anger, as you may make the situation worse. Staying quiet is best.

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Entering the criminal courts as a first-time offender can be a frightening and surreal experience. However, with the help of our compassionate and trustworthy criminal defense lawyer of the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover, you can rest assured you are entering the courtroom with confidence, reassurance, and ease.

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