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New Law on Marijuana Record Sealing Takes Effect

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New Law on Marijuana Record Sealing Takes Effect


On July 1, 2019, a criminal justice reform bill, referred to as the Nevada Second Chance Act, went into effect. This piece of legislation streamlines the process for having certain crimes wiped from a person’s record. Governor Steve Sisolak signed the measure into law in May of 2019, stating that this new statute would allow a better future for those who were convicted of a now-decriminalized offense.

Sealing Records for Offenses that Are No Longer Unlawful

Although the bill applies to convictions for crimes that are no longer illegal under Nevada statutes, or may in the future become decriminalized, it will substantially affect people charged with minor marijuana offenses.

On January 1, 2017, it became legal for adults 21 years of age and over to purchase, possess, and consume the substance. Yet, it was difficult for an individual charged with a related offense before the law went into effect to get their record cleared.

Having a criminal conviction makes it difficult for a person to get credit, purchase or rent a house, or even attend higher education. Now, with the new process, individuals can complete a specific form and submit it to the court to have their conviction wiped clean. That means it would no longer be accessible to the public or appear on most background checks.

The Request Could Be Challenged

Although the record-clearing process is more efficient, the prosecuting attorney could challenge a person’s request, providing proof that the application should be denied. If the prosecutor contests the submission, the filer must respond within 10 days.

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Understanding the adverse effects a conviction can have on your life, our attorney is here to guide you through the record-sealing process. We have extensive experience helping individuals successfully wipe their criminal past clean and prevent public access of it.

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