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Hire a Former Prosecutor as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Hire a Former Prosecutor as Your Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you are facing serious criminal charges and you are in the process of seeking legal representation for your case, you want a criminal defense attorney with the experience and credentials to obtain the best results possible. Which is why having a former prosecutor as your lawyer has many advantages.

A prosecutor is an attorney who determines what charges to file against a defendant and then proceeds to try the case in front of a judge or jury. The District Attorney, who is an elected official, is responsible for managing every lawyer that prosecutor criminal cases.

The benefits of hiring a former prosecutor as your attorney include:

  1. Thorough understanding of both sides of the courtroom - Although the prosecutor has the burden of presenting factual evidence to prove--beyond a reasonable doubt--that the defendant is guilty, the defense lawyer only needs to provide the best defense possible for the client. A lawyer that understands both sides of a criminal trial is more prepared to defend the most serious charges. He/she knows how the prosecutor collects evidence, chooses which charges to file, develops their case to go to trial, and how to approach a case in general.
  2. Extensive trial experience - A prosecutor with experience has spent a significant amount of time litigating cases in court. Many lawyers do not ever step foot inside of a courtroom and often settle cases without a trial. If you wish to take your case to trial, a former prosecutor is better equipped to protect your rights and future.
  3. Solid reputation with local courts - An experienced prosecutor also has tried numerous cases in local court and will typically develop strong relationships with various courtroom personnel, including judges and other fellow prosecutors. He/she may understand the biases of specific judges and how they often rule in previous cases.
  4. Balance heavy caseloads - Some criminal defense lawyers only have as many cases as they can handle. By contrast, prosecutors typically have a larger caseload since the state receives a constant flow of cases, which is why they are able to effectively handle their cases.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth A. Stover, our founding attorney is a former special prosecutor for the cities of Reno and Sparks, as well as a former Deputy District Attorney in Lander and Lyon Counties. Furthermore, he successfully defended clients in 70 courts throughout Nevada and has built a strong rapport with each one. Considered one of the top trial lawyers in Nevada, Attorney Stover can evaluate your case, determine all of your legal options, and develop a strong defense strategy to either get your case entirely dismissed or your charges significantly reduced.

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