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Most people who are accused of a crime have never dealt with the criminal justice system before. They are terrified of what may happen to them and how it will affect their futures. You have the right to a lawyer for a reason, so he or she can defend you against the accusations the prosecutor makes. Choose the lawyer you know will protect your best interests in the courtroom.

My name is Ken Stover, and I will stand up for your best interests. I am a former special prosecutor for the city of Reno and the city of Sparks, as well as a former deputy district attorney in Lander County and Lyon County. I am a skilled trial attorney with 20 years of experience, 16 of it spent in criminal defense. I know how the prosecution works and how to defend against it because I have seen cases just like yours from both sides of the aisle.

Don't let your future be destroyed by a mistake. Let Ken Stover Law help. To learn more about me and my practice, please follow the link below.

The laws in Nevada regarding punishment for a crime are very tough. You need an equally tough defense. Call me at 775-525-6840 or send me an email to discuss your case.